Careprost (Bimatoprost) eye drops involve the Bimatoprost and on use helps one to treat the case of short eyelashes / hypotrichosis. The primary case of easing out involves increasing the thickness, length and the color of the eyelashes. Basically, Bimatoprost is a solution for treating the case of glaucoma. The usage involves putting a drop of the Careprost on the liquid eye liner cartridge. Users can buy Carepost (Bimatoprost) online. It can be used by drawing a line on the upper eyelid and subsequently removing the excess amount of liquid. It is guided that the solution is not applied on the bottom part of the eyelid. The medicine application can be done once a day. The results to the case of Careprost can be actually experienced after a period of around 2 month of proper usage even though some users have said it takes around 3 – 4 months at times for complete effects.

Careprost - 3 ML

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What is Careprost?

Eye care is the most delicate treatment given to the core organ of the human body and Careprost is very good at providing ultimate result that you would ever expect. This eye drop acts in more precise manner and thus it is an effective medicine amongst all available alternatives in the international as well as local pharmaceutical market. Most interesting thing to know about this product is also accountable for rapid extension of eyelashes so it is preferred by a person who has insufficient amount of eyelashes. Careprost is also very helpful to regulate the quantity of fluid in the eyes and it is therefore used for treatment of glaucoma. If you are a prospect consumer then you are supposed to consume this drug once in a day. If you want speedy recovery then you must not miss a single dose. Pregnant woman and nursing woman are obliged to seek medical expert’s advice before planning to start this medicine. Careprost works brilliantly well for people who don’t have sufficient eyelashes, it helps to grow sufficient eyelashes after completing a course. Bimatoprost is an active ingredient in this medicine. This eye drop represents a group of medicines namely prostaglandin analogue. Careprost enhances the density and length of the eyelashes. Dosages of careprost for the treatment of glaucoma is altogether different.

Different usages of Careprost:

Careprost is primarily used to cure two different issues faced by an individual pertaining to an eye. One of them is inadequate eyelashes and another is poor eyesight caused by glaucoma. This is the only reason why this medicine is preferred by large number of people to transform weird look of their face into natural beautiful look by applying careprost for the purpose of neat and clean eyelashes to complement their eyes. Scientific study has been evident to prove this claim as true, Bimatoprost Ophthalmic is acknowledged as active ingredient in this medicine and delivers praise worthy result by improving the density and thickness of the eyelashes. This particular ingredient is also found to be useful more balancing and regulating fluid in the eye which treats glaucoma. Method of application of dosage will vary as per the nature of problem, if you are going to use this drop to cure glaucoma then you will have to pour it onto an eye but if you are going to use this medicine for the treatment of eyelashes then you will have to apply it with the help of applicator to the eyelids with gentle touch.

Mechanism - Careprost:

Careprost eye drops contain 0.03% bimatoprost, this content is popular as Lumigan and Latisse in the U.S. it is just a synthetic substance made up of naturally available ingredient prostamide, which is equivalent to the prostaglandin chemical and possess distinct and specific effects on several tissues of the body, along with potential ocular hypotensive activity. It has been analyzed that excess pressure on the vital muscles of an eye is one of the main reasons for glaucoma and it is led due to hindrances created in the draining system because of which an eye fluid ‘aqueous humour’ is constantly produced. This fluid is responsible for monitoring normal eye pressure.

Dosage and Administration - Careprost

An individual shall use careprost only once in a day that too in the evening. Before you use this medicine always wash your face and remove contact lenses and any other lenses that you use. The eye drop must be poured gently on the applicator and then you are supposed to move an applicator smoothly across the skin but be careful about a margin of upper eyelid at the bottom of the eyelashes that is marked from the inner part of the lash line to the outer part. If excess solution is taken then it should be dispensed carefully. After applying the eye drop, the applicator should be disposed properly. Same procure should be practiced for the eyelid using new applicator. Do not use this medicine and apply it to the lower eyelids.

Side-effects - Careprost

There are no severe side-effects of careprost but you may find symptoms such as dry eyes, vision blur, and burning sensation etc. in the particular region of an eye. However these signs will not sustain after the completion of the treatment.

What are the important Precautions?

Be careful while applying careprost to the eyelash and if a drop is taken in slightly more quantity then you shall be extremely cautious while applying it. If you are using it to cure glaucoma then do not use it beyond the prescribed dosage i.e. one drop in an affected eye in the evening.

How to store this eye drop?

This medicine shall be stored below 25ᵒ centigrade. Always keep a careprost at a warm temperature and keep it away from heat and dampness. Once you open an eye drop bottle it should be disposed after four weeks.


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