Casodex medicine is used for treating prostate cancer that already has spreading over the body. The medicine is to be used as a timely combination along with the hormone treatments. Casodex medicine mechanism involves working by actively blocking the act of the male hormones in prostate and enables slowed down growth of the tumours. Casodex is guided for consumption in male and not to be used by children and women. The medication is to be made with oral administration process. It is guided to be used once in a day’s period, either in the morning or evening. It can be easily consumed with or without consuming meal or as directed by the doctor. The dose of Casodex is to be strictly used on medical condition and for having timely response to the performing therapies.

Casodex - 50mg

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Casodex dosage shouldn’t be increased or decreased in any case by oneself and if case arise; consulting the doctor is to be considered. Women especially pregnant ones are not allowed to make handling of the medication. In case of any pressure or medical issues, make sure the user consults the doctor immediately.


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