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Cytolog medicine is a standard solution recommended by medical experts across the globe to end the pressure of unintended pregnancy. A quick oral solution, experts recommend women to buy Cytolog online as the tablet allows the user to end pregnancy with no involvement of the surgical method. This is why the medication solution is trusted and highly recommended by global users and medical professionals. Cytolog abortion pill causes expulsion of the dead embryo from the body along with the blood and the tissues which allows one to conclude the process of medical abortion.

Cytolog - 200mg

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buy Cytolog online - Drug Description

Cytolog pills contain Misoprostol (synthetic prostaglandin) at either 100mcg or 200mcg strength. Misoprostol easily dissolves in water. Inactive ingredients of the pills are microcrystalline cellulose, hydrogenated castor oil, sodium starch glycolate, and hypromellose.

Dosage - Cytolog abortion pill

Cytolog pills is to be consumed in 3 easy steps as described below:
  • Place 4 Cytolog pills of 200 mg each under the tongue for about 30 minutes.
  • Wait for a period of 3 hours and continue with the other 4 medicines in the same manner.
  • Complete the course by consuming the pending 4 medicines.
For unintended pregnancy termination and quick availability, users can buy Cytolog online

Working mechanism - Cytolog tablets

Cytolog tablets is based on only one active ingredient named as Misoprostol. Cytolog shall be administered orally 200 mg dose is a standardized limit and you will have to consume for 4 times a day with food. This medicine shall not be taken at bedtime. Misoprostol is an ingredient which alters the properties of progesterone and estrogen hormone that are responsible for continuation of pregnancy. This is how Misoprostol changes the size of the uterine and it simply gets contracted, simultaneously interior lining of the uterine is also spoiled by the misoprostol, as a result the unwanted pregnancy is pushed out of womb in the form of tissue.

Side-effects - Cytolog abortion

You will notice very few side-effects of Cytolog during the process of abortion such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps etc. this symptoms can be very painful if your pregnancy week is more than 9 weeks, but pain will be for few minutes so no need to worry about.

Essential precautions - Cytolog

You will have to be very careful while completing a course on cytotec to end the pregnancy. All the below specified precautions are extremely essential to avoid any kind of untoward episode. Do not ever consume this pill if your body tendency is over sensitive towards an ingredient used in the Cytolog. Do not ever get into alcohol abuse or continue your smoking habit whilst the treatment is going on. Keep this drug at a secret place that will be non-accessible to the children and other family members.Misoprostol is also taken to prevent or treat ulcer. It may have contradictory effect for women who are carrying a baby in womb. The medicine’s use in pregnant women causes womb contractions, and labor effect to expel fetal parts. Thus, women must only purchase Cytolog online for ulcer treatment, after doing a pregnancy test. alternate remedy must be discussed with doctor, if the woman is pregnant. .

Why shall I prefer buy Cytolog abortion pill?

Buy cytotec online to terminate the pregnancy without a need to visit clinic more often. This is a drug is approved by FDA. Cytolog pills is considered as important part of medical abortion program. This is a non-invasive method where a pregnant woman may induce an abortion without undergoing any surgery. You will not need to bear anesthesia if you are going to have drug induced abortion. You will not need to compromise a comfort zone; you can end unwanted pregnancy by being at home within the period of 12 weeks. Cytolog tablets is based on Misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin ingredient. Study conducted over Cytolog has declared that it's been effective in almost 90% times.

Who can take Cytolog dosage?

You will have to remember few important conditions before planning to start a course on Cytolog. If your pregnancy is identified as ectopic pregnancy or out of uterine pregnancy then you shall not think about Cytolog dosage with doctor advice. You are expected to consider cytotec dosage only if you are extremely sure about your pregnancy. If you are above 18 years old then you are free to Order cytotec online to end the pregnancy. If you are below the age limit of 18 years old then kindly seek doctor's advice before taking any step further.


yellow staryellow staryellow staryellow staryellow star Despite the fact that I was a bit anxious before ordering Cytolog because numerous negative thoughts were running in my mind. But I received my ordered product on the estimated time because of express dispatching offers. Thanks.

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