I-Kul Eye drops

I-Kul Eye drops

I-Kul is the finest product introduced in the eye care segment by Andre manufacturer; this medicine contains Phenylepherine Hydro Chloride which translates this solution into an major- agonist (a substance which provokes physiological response when combined with a receptor) which is recommended to treat local ocular disease because of its ability to shrink the veins resulting from compression of the fiber wall, especially big arteries and small arteries. It is suggested to provide relief from nasal congestion. It displays quick and fairly prolonged time to bring and maintain whiteness of the eyes. It has minimum after effects that can be experienced after inserting of few dews. It possesses fantastic ability to influence cornea and therefore it is very effective in low dose due to powerful concentration.

I-Kul Eye Drops - 10 ML

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Do not forget to wash your hands before you squeeze an eye dropper to pour specified amount of dews onto the eyes. It is very important to learn, avoid contact of your fingers to the tip of a dropper to be safe from any possible pollution and infection. If you are using contact lenses on regular basis then kindly remove those lenses before putting the eye drops. Just calmly close your eyes and be in this state for minimum 5 to 10 minutes after using an eye drop and then you are free to put on your contact lenses. Remember do not keep this medicine anywhere at home. It is essential to keep it in a cool and dark place.

Use of this solution is of time bound nature. Once you open a container; you are expected to use it within one month. This medicine is very effective due to its swift action to diminish swelling effect. I-kul eye drop works with the help of chief-receptors that are available in the arteries of the particular membrane to complete the process of constriction, as a result it reduces congestion. There is another secret ingredient found in this medication which gives instant relief and soothing effect, but apart from letting you feel calm it also gives prolong protection in terms of itching and redness to all kinds of patients may an issue be of moderate category or severe. Ideally you are expected to use one to two drops to treat an affected eye as per the requirement. There are few people who cannot tolerate an effect derived from the properties of this medication so they are requested to stay away from it.

Side effects - I-kul eye drop

There are very few unwanted effects you may observe after using I-kul eye drop for example slight blur vision, redness, itching etc. This medicine may make your eyes sensitive towards light for quite a long time.

Precautions - I-kul eye drop

If any of the above mentioned symptoms such as itching, burning or redness prevail for more than stipulated time then it is you are ought to contact medical expert for instant relief. Never use this drug, if you have glaucoma and unless you are not advised by a physician to go for it. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, coronary diseases, etc. then it is better to deliberately stay away from it. If you are not content with the help that you have been provided by the doctor then kindly discuss it with a doctor accordingly. Pregnant woman may use I-kul only if it is necessary. Nursing mother shall take extra precaution while using this drug because all the drugs can be mixed in the human milk.


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