Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Leonpharmacy.com is to secure the trust among the customers and for a smooth business. Agreeing to our Terms & Conditions is essential prior to making online booking at Leonpharmacy.com and is in complete interest to abiding laws, rules and regulations and for safe association for trust with our customers.
    Terms & Conditions
  • Leonpharmacy.com is an online pharmacy site and authorized seller of medicines.
  • Leonpharmacy.com is not into manufacturing of the medicine in any form or assistance.
  • Every product has age verification and authorization. Customers above 18 years are allowed to make purchase of the products and any age below 18 will be disallowed to make a booking.
  • Medicines provided by Leonpharmacy.com are of highest quality and approved ones considering the health and safety cases. Every information about the medicines provided in the site is purely for informational purpose and is a part of secondary sources. Users / Customers in no way are to consider it as the best alternative / equivalent advice in comparison to the doctor’s advice. Consult a doctor in case of any confusion or emergency situations and medical assistance.
  • Every information is updated on Leonpharmacy.com and customers can check the site for any changes / updates on the medicines and regulations.
  • Leonpharmacy.com is not responsible for wrong consumption by users or side-effects as we are the online seller and request the user to make consumption in the right order.
  • Leonpharmacy Administration holds the right to make essential changes without prior notice including the price.