Kamagra 100mg is a popular solution that has gained the attention of men who are primarily suffering from the case of Erectile Dysfunction. One of the best anti-ED medicines, Kamagra is widely known as the prescribed medicine. Kamagra production has seen high level of standards considering the part that the solution involves timely internal treatment for penile erection and considering every safety facts Kamagra is prescribed to people who have issues related to reduced erectile moments and in major for those who are suffering from the medical case of ED / Erectile Dysfunction.

Kamagra - 100mg

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Why Kamagra?

The medicine is FDA approved and with medical survey, the solution has been stated as the best medicine for ED / Erectile Dysfunction. It is safe for consumption and enhances one’s erection along with long term duration of it thus enabling high amount of satisfaction. The medicine falls under the PDE 5 enzyme inhibitor wherein the solution causes enhancement of the response of the male during sexual stimulation.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

ED / Erectile Dysfunction is a term used in major for men who are not able to respond well with hard erection or who are unable to engage with a good time erection. Erectile Dysfunction is caused in majority due to certain physical reasons and psychological factors. Physical reasons involve having fatigue, excess of workouts especially cycling, etc, tiredness due to over exertion or being a workaholic. Psychological factors involve reasons such as emotional, stressed, depressed, psychological trauma issues. These mental issues can cause one to suffer from low erection as the brain doesn’t function well and in advance. There is a total disconnect with the brain and involvement of sending stimulated signals from brain to the man’s penile system. These factors cause one to have reduced erectile moments causing man to experience erection trouble. The continuous case of ED / Erectile Dysfunction can cause man to suffer from Impotency issue which can be a permanent issue. Erectile Dysfunction is amongst the most experienced case of medical issue among men in the world and with Kamagra type solutions, one can expect timely precautions to the case.

How Kamagra assists during medication?

Kamagra enhances erection and doesn’t cause one to feel sexually aroused as the medicine is only effective when the user is actively stimulated with sexual thoughts. When the user consumes the medicine, there is timely blending of the component Sildenafil Citrate, which is also used in the brand Viagra medicine, in the blood. Post the sexual stimulation, the body’s nervous system present in the erectile tissues of the penis releases the NO / Nitric Oxide. This (Nitric Oxide / NO) causes stimulation of the enzyme which during the process produces cGMP substance. With consumption of the Kamagra medicine, there is maintenance of the cGMP substance and inhibition of the PDE 5 enzyme occurs. The overall procedure causes the person to find relaxation. In this case, there is increase in the blood flow, which circulates, in the entire body and especially towards the penile system, which enables one to feel proper erectile moments and enhancement of erection.

During the process, the arteries present in the penis causes dilation and there is more amount of blood flow into the penis on an easier way. There is involvement of erectile tissues that fills up with blood and causes the process to enhance erection. The entire process causes the man to find timely erection and maintain it for a good period of time.

How effective is Kamagra?

Kamagra as per the clinical surveys shows high amount of result considering the fact that the medicine causes significant amount of improvement in the erection of users and enables timely functioning in case of penetration. The medicine is highly safe and effective considering other cheap drugs and is one of the most advised solutions in case of erectile dysfunction. Kamagra has FDA approval which is why the solution is sought by majority of the men across the globe.

Precautions to be followed during the case of Kamagra consumption

  1. Kamagra is to be consumed by men (adult / 18 + ) and not by women and children.
  2. Kamagra solution is to be consumed only once in a day and it is highly advised that the solution should not be consumed in any chance for more than once.
  3. Men who have medical conditions related to heart and blood pressure are restricted from consuming the medicine by any chance unless discussed with the concerned doctor as there can be high chances of having fluctuating blood pressure or other medicines that are being consumed by the user. Similarly, the case for people who have issues related to liver or kidney problems.
  4. A gap of 24 hours is to be provided between two (2) doses of Kamagra. No overdosing is allowed during the course period of time as it is highly risky to consume more than 1 dose at a time.

How to consume Kamgra?

Ensure the user consumes over empty stomach as the medicine acts highly positive when consumed over empty stomach. In case there is requirement of food intake, make sure the user consumes light meal.

Consume a single dose of 100 mg of Kamagra orally. It is required to be consumed along with a glass of water. Wait for a period of around 30 minutes or 45 minutes just to ensure there is timely blending period along with the body.

What are the Side-Effects of Kamagra?

Kamagra solution is healthy and safe to consume unless there is overdosing. Certain mild effects can occur during the consumption depending on the body type such as:

  • Headache
  • Case of dizziness
  • Feeling tired or fatigued
  • Nasal congestion
  • Slight chills / fever
    1. (Note: In case of continuous fever for a period of 2 or more days, consider talking to your concerned doctor as a timely precautionary measure. Over dosing of Kamagra medicine is strictly restricted. In case the user accidentally consumes more than one (1), the user is required to consult the doctor immediately and with no further delays.)


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