Methotrexate medicine makes interference with the growing of specific types of cells in the body and is specifically the cells that actually cause reproduction on a quick source such as the bone marrow cells, cancer cells and the skin cells. The medicine is primarily used in treating the certain kinds of cancer of skin, neck, lung or breast. The medicine helps in treating the rheumatoid and severe case of psoriasis. It is basically provided post certain other kinds of medications at times. As a part of active dosage consumption, Methotrexate is to be consumed in exact dose for the user condition. It is guided once or may be twice in every week and doesn’t include every day pattern. The user is required to follow up with the instructions / directions on the label. It is to be understood and duly noted that the medicine is not intended for daily usage by any chance. In case of any issues, users are required to consult the doctor immediately.

Methotrexate - 10mg

Methotrexate - 2.5 Mg

Methotrexate - 5 Mg

Methotrexate - 7.5 Mg

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