Mifeprex Abortion pill

Mifeprex Abortion pill is anti-progesterone that is guided for all those individuals who wish to end their early pregnancy and with privacy. The mifeprex online is guided for usage only to those individuals who are in their first 7 pregnancy weeks.Mifeprex Abortion pill causes the breaking of the uterus lining and leads the process to completely end the pregnancy. It doesnot involve any type of surgical measures and hence is globally trusted by women. Privacy is a benefit in the process and this leads to the user to opt for healthy and safe medical abortion process. Mifepristone is to be orally consumed and one can opt to buy Mifeprex online so as to get the medicine at quickest period possible. Users experiencing Ectopic Pregnancy are restricted to consume Mifeprex without consulting the doctor.

Mifeprex - 200mg

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Why shall I use Mifeprex Abortion Pill

Mifeprex is known as early pregnancy termination pill and also mifepristone. Mifeprex is a drug which is based on Mifepristone ingredient. It successfully ends the pregnancy in almost 95 % cases on the contrary its efficacy will increase by great margin, if taken in combination with another drug called Misoprostol. Mifeprex online allows you to perform an abortion at home. It means, there is no need to visit abortion center most frequently. This is the best substitute for surgical abortion and it does not involve anesthesia and incision at all.

Side Effects - Mifeprex

There are some side effects of Mifeprex abortion pill but symptoms that you will observe during the process like for example diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting etc. are just a part of the treatment. These symptoms will disappear as soon as the abortion is completed.

Working mechanism - Mifeprex

Functioning of the Mifeprex Abortion pill is very simple to understand, mifepristone is an active ingredient used in the Mifeprex. Mifepristone act as against the progesterone hormone. Mifepristone also dilates the cervix which leads to placental detachment and destroys the uterine lining this drug successfully secrets prostaglandin and alters the size and shape of uterine by gradually compressing it.

Who can take Mifeprex

If a woman's pregnancy is diagnosed as ectopic pregnancy or out of uterine pregnancy then she shall not rely on Mifeprex. If she is not sure about her pregnancy then she shall not take mifeprex. If you are above 18 years old then you can buy Mifeprex online to end pregnancy. If you are below 18 years old then it is mandatory to seek doctor's advice before deciding to take Mifeprex.

What is the dosage schedule of Mifeprex?

You will have to consume 3 tablet of 200mg Mifeprex on the last date of menstrual cycle. It has to be consumed only at once and after a gap of two days your pregnancy will be ended. If pregnancy has not been ended than dosage of misoprostol is advice to complete the pregnancy. you will have to perform one more check after a period of 14 days to confirm that the pregnancy is finally terminated safely and this drug shall be taken within the first trimester of pregnancy.

Precaution - Mifeprex

If you are willing to end the pregnancy with the help of Mifeprex then it is better for you to remember few essential facts and they are as follows.

Do not discontinue this drug in between once you begin a course. Do not split or divide these tablets and swallow them with full glass of water. Do not keep it within the reach of children and other non-intended users in the family. Kindly follow appropriate schedule. Do not overdose yourself to compensate with the missed dose. If you have a medical history that will contradict with the effect of Mifepristone then do not choose this drug to end the pregnancy because it will create complication. Do not breast feed a baby while completing a course of Mifeprex.

How much will Mifeprex Cost?

Cost of medical abortion may vary for patients. Mifeprex cost regimen is quite similar to surgical abortion cost. You must speak to your healthcare provider and find out what she/he charges for the medication regimen.


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