Mifepristone medicine is an abortion pill also known as mifeprex, it is to be consumed by the user during the first 7 weeks of pregnancy. Mifepristone allows the user to quickly discontinue and terminate the pregnancy without worrying much as there is no surgical process involvement. Mifepristone solution comes with a dosage of 200 mg and the user is recommended to consume 3 doses at once orally. Buy Mifepristone online as online sources allow privacy of the purchase fact and helps in completing the procedure with confidentiality. Mifepristone is an anti-Progesterone solution that causes restriction of the progesterone hormone and ends the pregnancy by breaking the uterus lining. It is an efficient solution that is made available for easing out the pregnancy worries and ends the pressure at the early pregnancy stage.

Mifepristone - 200mg

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Dosage schedule - Mifepristone?

Mifepristone online comes with 200mg tablet. So you will have to take 1 tablet of 200mg only at once in a day but it shall have to be consumed after the first day of your last menstruation date. If the abortion is not confirmed then you can take 1 more tablet of 200mg Mifepristone on another day. If you have inserted intrauterine device then kindly remove that device before taking Mifepristone dose.

Working mechanism - Mifepristone?

Mifepristone is alone can end the pregnancy because it has an ability to work against progesterone and estrogen hormones that are solely responsible for continuation of the pregnancy. This drug spoils internal layers of the uterine and if you take high dose of Mifepristone then it can also contract the size of uterine and expel a tissue out of womb.

Precaution - Mifepristone

If your pregnancy is affirmed and intending to terminate the pregnancy then you will have to consider some essential points that will prove to be beneficial for you to buy mifepristone online. If you could sense you are extremely sensitive or allergic towards an ingredient called Mifepristone then please discontinue this drug as soon as possible. If you have taken overdose in order to cope up with a skipped dose then this is the situation of medical emergency helpline. Always follow proper schedule of dosages. Do not consume alcohol and do not smoke tobacco during the process of abortion. Please store this drug at a secret place where kids and other family members cannot find out. Be aware about your medical history before consuming Mifepristone.

Am I eligible to take Mifepristone?

Yes, if you are above 18 years of age, you may buy Mifepristone online. If you are not suffering from any serious medical condition then you may take Mifepristone without any worry. If your pregnancy has been diagnosed as ectopic pregnancy or out of uterine pregnancies then you are not supposed to induce abortion with the help of Mifepristone.

Why shall I choose Mifepristone?

Mifepristone is a synthetic drug recommended to terminate unwanted pregnancy within the period of 7 weeks of gestation. Mifepristone online has proven its efficacy in more than 95% of the cases. This drug allows you to end the pregnancy without a need to visit clinic on regular basis. buy mifepristone online as it is FDA approved and also regarded as early abortion termination pill. If taken in exact dosage amount it will successfully induce an abortion without affecting your health. This is a product brought to you by advance medical science. Despite depending on Mifepristone for inducing an abortion you can choose to become pregnant in the future and plan your pregnancy as per you convenience.

Side effects - Mifepristone

Mifepristone is a heavy drug and offers some after-effects that one cannot ignore for example- nausea, dizziness, vomiting, cramps etc. are to name a few but the biggest relief for you is all the symptoms will disappear once the process is completed.


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