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Misoprostol engages one with safe and private medical termination. Considered and recommended for Non-Surgical abortion method, Misoprostol is guided for usage within the first 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy as the medicine is active in the given period of time. Misoprostol online is FDA approved and involves one to make quick use for efficient benefits. The medicine causes one to have a condition that causes contraction in the womb thus causing expulsion of the dead embryo. Misoprostol medicine helps in concluding the unwanted pregnancy pressure with ease.

Misoprostol - 200mcg

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Misoprostol Dosage schedule ?

You have to take 12 misoprostol tablets to terminate pregnancy in 12 weeks. Misoprostol dosage is simple to remember and follow, 4 tablets of 200mg Misoprostol are to be kept beneath your tongue for at least half an hour and after an interval of 3 hours once again you will have to repeat same step and after maintaining a gap of another 3 hours you are supposed to put again all 4 tablets of Misoprostol under your tongue but do not swallow them because these tablets will automatically dissolve in the fluid. Buy misoprostol online if you are less than 12 weeks pregnant.

Misoprostol Abortion Essential precautions

If you are a pregnant woman and willing to end the pregnancy then you will have to remember some important points that will save you from dangerous situation. If you realize that you are sensitive or allergic towards an ingredient called Misoprostol Abortion pill then kindly discard this drug immediately. If you have overdosed under an impression to cope up with a missed dose then contact to the medical emergency helpline. Do not skip a schedule of dosages. Do not consume alcohol and do not smoke tobacco during the process of abortion. Please store this drug at a secret place where kids and other family members cannot find out. Be aware about your medical history before consuming Misoprostol.

Misoprostol Side effects

There are bare minimum Misoprostol side effects for example: nausea, vomiting, cramps, dizziness etc. These symptoms will vanish after the completion of the abortion. If you follow the schedule on time you are less likely to tolerate above mentioned Misoprostol Abortion side-effects.

How does Misoprostol work?

Misoprostol itself is a drug cum ingredient which is used to end an unwanted pregnancy. Misoprostol online is a drug that successfully induces abortion by contracting the size of uterine and ripening of the cervix. After completing this step, it gradually evacuate the pregnancy out of womb. Misoprostol can be used till the 12th week of gestation period to terminate the pregnancy. Misoprostol act against Progesterone hormone and estrogen hormone which are already available in the body and are responsible for continuation of pregnancy to the term.

Who can take Misoprostol tablets?

A woman with ectopic pregnancy cannot take Misoprostol tablets . A woman who has crossed a limit of 12 weeks pregnancy is not supposed to buy misoprostol online. A woman above the age of 18 years old may take Misoprostol to end the pregnancy. A girl below the age of 18 years shall not take misoprostol or any other abortion pills without doctor prescription.

How Much Abortion Pill Misoprostol cost ?

Misoprostol cost for abortion is similar to surgical pregnancy termination (involves hospital fee, after care charges etc.). However, the price of the tablet can differ as per the place you get it from. If you buy Misoprostol online, it may cost you lesser than getting the tablets from local pharmacy. The reason behind cheaper tablets over the internet is direct dealing with the drug providers.


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