Ophthacare is an eye-care solution that helps in preventing allergic issues and help in relieving infective ophthalmic types of disorders. The medicine Ophthacare usage enables one with the effect that helps in combating the cases such as allergic and eye disorders. The medicine properties involve anti-histaminic and anti-microbial properties. Ophthacare online at Leonpharmacy.com enables quick availability to the user. The medicine’s analgesic type of property helps to relieve the pain and in case of the inflammation issues, the anti-inflammatory property helps in by providing a soothing case to the inflammation. Ophthacare helps to heal the wounds on a quick note and also assists by protecting the ophthalmic tissue from the local oxidative damages. It also provides a soothing and cooling effect to alleviate the irritation that is caused in the eyes.

Ophthacare - 10 ML

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Benefits - Ophthacare

Himalaya has introduced new drug under eye care category of medicines named as Ophthacare eye drops. This medicine is a recommended product to all people because it does not contain any synthetic medicinal properties. Himalaya is known for offering herbal range of products and possesses great expertise in it and Ophthacare is no more exception to the legacy. This medicine is made up of botanical extract which is very effective to regulate your ophthalmic system and this is how it helps a person who suffers from a misery of poor eyesight by rectifying it. Ophthacare is a kind of medicine which can be used as antihistamine, antimicrobial, pain killer and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, Ophthacare is regarded as multi utility medicine too. It can be recommended to treat several infections and allergies that are related to an eye and diminish stress on your eye, if you are expected to work for prolong time.

If you experience immense strain on both eyes then it is better to use Ophthacare eye drops because it offers cooling effect to the pupils and you will feel fresh due to no more irritation in the eyes. Ophthacare is designed for people who are prone to unhealthy ultraviolet light rays, these rays are not only harmful for our skin but they are equally harmful for our eyes too, as a result people complain about fatigued eyes after spending long hours at work place. If your eyes are exorbitantly stressed then eyeball turn into reddish color shed, you may witness puffiness so be prepared to observe these symptoms and understand a warning given by your eyes. If you continue to ignore it then it may take heavy toll some other day. Himalaya’s Ophthacare has antimicrobial and antihistamine properties which makes it enough capable to take charge over any kind of infection and allergy.

This medicine is also beneficial to alleviate pain and its anti-inflammatory quality can be experienced when you feel soothing effect on your eyes. It instantly treats bruises or wounds and secures vital ophthalmic tissue from oxidative damage. Himalaya Ophthacare is an amazing blend of all herbs that provides relief from the strains and irritation of the eyes. Ophthacare also clears saturation of unhealthy residual and if any dust particle is locked up inside of an eye. Ophthacare is also perceived as unbleached eye desire whitener. It is also a recommended product for the treatment of pathogenic and inflammatory eye disorders. It is obligatory to know more about those ingredients because of whom this medicine has received so much importance.

  • Bishop’s Weed (Yavani),
  • Camphor Player (Karpura) has proven its worth as an antimicrobial and other medicinal qualities.
  • Beatified Father (Tulasi) acts brilliantly as an anti-inflammatory medicine. These are the key ingredients to be discussed while making an attempt to understand qualities and effects of Ophthacare.

Why shall Ophthacare be used?

Ophthacare eye drops are primarily preferred for the treatment of infection and allergies of the eyes. This medicine guarantees safety because it is not sourced from any artificial medical formula. An Ophthacare eye drop proves to be a great solution for number of problems faced by patients and they can afford to rely on it without any hesitation. It is important to know about Ophthacare that it shall be applied as additional solution for instant relief from infection over the basic course of medicines. This drug may offer you relief from eyestrain after prolonged work, burning, itching, pain etc.

Dosage schedule - Ophthacare?

Ophthacare Eye Drops can be used on several occasions in a day. It shows effect within the shortest span of time so one will need to use it frequently unlike other eye drops for the treatment of allergy and infection. It is quite simple method to pour eye drop on the right spot. Lay back on the sofa or chair, look straight up towards a wall ceiling and slightly stretch lower eyelid down and press a dropper. A single dose is of 1 to 2 drops in every eye. Follow this method and use this drop for 3 to 4 times in a day i.e. after an interval of 6 to 8 hours. Ophthacare eye drops are well tolerated and non-addictive. Use this drug only when you feel too much stressed or fatigued.

Essential precautions - Ophthacare

You shall protect a vial from contamination; because if dust particles get into contact with an eye then it may lead to an infection. You shall see to it that you are not allergic towards the ingredient used in this drug. If you are not aware about it then better to begin with lowest dose and with low frequency 1 to 2 drops in a day.

What are the side effects of Ophthacare?

Ophthacare eye drop is equipped with organic ingredients, so it does not cause any side effects and ensures high safety. However allergic reaction may occur during the application of eye drops.


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